The Flower Throne

As florists and creatives in general, I think we often face a bit of a conundrum; our job is to turn our client’s dream into reality and yet the reason we’re creative entrepreneurs is to turn our dreams into a successful business. And sometimes those two visions don’t perfectly align. A bride comes to you with a beautiful theme that maybe doesn’t quite make your creative juices flow. As creatives, we’re constantly told, “be true to who you are” and “don’t sacrifice your art for business!” But when you’re a young business, you can’t always afford to turn away business that isn’t the perfect fit.

So early on, Adrienne and I decided to that we’d push our clients when we felt we could, we’d certainly be sure we were the right designers for our brides, but we would never make a client feel like their vision was ugly just because it wasn’t in line with our style. And though it hasn’t always been easy, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a designer from learning to work outside of what I’m comfortable with. Because of this, I feel like Crooked Roots can be viewed as a bit of a chameleon. We’ve dabbled in lots of different styles and it’s something I’m very proud of! But when it came time to work on our website, we knew we needed images that undoubtedly represented us as designers.

Enter: The Flower Throne.

We wanted our branding photoshoot to be bold, modern and moody with that perfect nod towards fairytale. As a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, I’ve always been drawn towards the whimsical. Images that feel a little magical. I wanted the entire shoot to feel like a renaissance still-life painting; dark background with vibrant details in the forefront. We started with our color scheme: golden mustard and vibrant orange, dusty purple and burgundies and light pops of peach to soften it up.

Next, we assembled our team. Our photographer was Tracy Arnold with the Beautiful Exchange. Tracy was the FIRST Tulsa photographer that we connected with at our 3rd wedding ever. We were both new to the Tulsa wedding industry, so we latched right on to Tracy like a life raft! Tracy is probably the kindest person we’ve ever met and an expert at capturing color. She has this incredible ability to edit our florals in a way that enhances them without completely changing them. She even let us use her home as the setting for this shoot! For the model, we KNEW we had to have a redhead to contrast with all our dusty hues. You may have even seen our open call for all redhead models on Instagram! We stumbled across Sierrah Hull on Instagram and knew she was perfect. She gave us the perfect amount of fierce and even wrapped herself up in a dyed sheet for us. Hair and make up was an easy decision as well. We’ve worked with Adney Artistry and Kelsey McHenry Hair on several weddings and love the way they make everyone look flawless without feeling too “done-up.” Tiffany and Kelsey even did our own hair and make up for our headshots. I would seriously pay these women to fix me up every single day if I could! The model’s dress needed to be soft, effortless and have a lot of movement and Chantilly Couture in OKC had the perfect form from Ivy & Aster in mind. Chelsea has such an eye for modern dresses and her selection is incredible! For the flowers, I did a bridal bouquet and centerpiece. But I just had to do a little something extra. That’s when I had the idea to create a throne of flowers. I wanted the chair itself to be bold, and Lee with La Vintage had the perfect orange chair! Lee has answered the call for SO many photoshoots and carted SO many pieces of beautiful furniture around for our photoshoots. She’s lovely to work with and her inventory is amazing!

We spent the entire day playing around with different set ups and we left feeling completely and utterly inspired. Every aspect of the shoot exceeded our expectations and we are so excited to share these images with you.

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